release date:

January 01, 1970



(Dent de Lion)
Look at me
Running down the line
I'm no foreigner
I'm no foreigner

Popped up all around me
You can barely walk
Through dandelions

Elders warn
All ages is all I need
And down beneath this field
Is a deadly chessboard
Wild Animals
Wild animals
Are lurking around

This is a dead end
Mothers should lock up their daughters
Mischief is on the spot all around
This is a fake

You won’t escape
Exit values watch out for snakes
The elder, the colder
I heard them shudder
Run, run, run

Wild animals
Are lurking around
Eole's Den
I was wandering between
the South and the North
Long enough to know what is
crap and what is worht it
I met you there and will stay
until we ride
Until I ride

Eole's Den
Where have I been wrong
Any moon, any rise,
any moon rising

When you came to me
I was riding free
The cold in the night
Was wrong as the rain
As a sword, as a splinter, as a knife

These days are behind
They rise up from the dead
Like a spectre
A ghost with ball and chain

While the band came out last night
The Monsoon was rolling
They sang about the secrets lying
Beneath the mountain stream

And while the waves were swelling high
In the dragon’s den

A deep sound came out from the cave
Where all the deepest secrets
Like blured raw gems

The time of a blink of your eye
A new gig is set

For the only constant down there
Is a matter of change
the tales of old will go by
Downtown There is a woman
She looks so good to me
Last night I heard a shotgun
The man was down on his knees

Oddball As my vision grew narrow
Shouted the man on his way
Right to heaven As the shoot of an arrow

Downtown I saw them crawling
It's was good news to me
Last night I heard the calling
Dew drove dawn down on me

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